Monday, May 28, 2012

Best Vacay this year ;).

We recently returned from a very long vacation to Florida (Disney World) and a Disney Cruise.  Was it fun?  Yes, is the answer you're looking for.  In the past we have done the parks and then the cruise.  This time we switched it up and did Disney World last and realized we liked the first scenario better.  Ah well, you live you learn.  Usually.

 Will zonked on the plane.

 Lizzy wearing her sunnies.  She had to put them on when she was informed that we were over Florida.

Lizzy and I on the Magical Express.

Before the cruise we went to Disney World for one evening and Islands of Adventure to see Harry Potter World for a day.  Super fun.  The butter beer really is as good as people kept telling me. Hogsmede was unbelievably adorable.  I recommend it.  We also visited Doctor Suess Land while at Islands of Adventure.  The kids liked, not so much.  It was just sort of tacky.  We also tried some mad roller coasters.  Fun yet headache inducing.

 Hagrid's Hut.  How cute is that?

Will and 80's Lizzy waiting in line for some ride.  I think it was some raft ride that we all got unbelievably wet on.

We went on a new boat this time, the Disney Fantasy, and it's amazing.  A. MA. ZING.  The thing is huge.  And beautiful.  I didn't take very many pictures of the ship.  Not sure why.  But we checked out a few things right when we got on, kids club being one of them.

 A periscope of some sort.

They had themed rooms.  They were all too cute.

 Our first port was Grand Cayman and it's everything people say it is.  I really loved it.  We took a catamaran ride out to a sandbar where stingrays gather to be fed.  What an experience.  We were able to hold them, feed them (watch out for this particular activity, we almost lost our thumbs to their crazy suction), and kiss them.  They feel like silk and are unbelievably heavy.  They look so light and elegant in the water, so I had no clue they'd have such heft.  Will loved it, Lizzy...had to be coerced.  It's fine, she only threw a medium fit over holding one ;).

 The littles on the net on the catamaran.

 Steve and I catamaraning.

 Will fixing to kiss Goldie.

 Lizzy being forced to touch a stingray.

 My mom getting ready to kiss Goldie.  This is amazing, she hates the water.

 Cute Will.

 My sister Haley kissing Goldie.

 Holding Goldie.  She was fabulous.

 My nephew Logan holding one of the males.

 Steve holding Goldie.

 Will driving the boat.  I noticed that the boat was driving all wonky and realized that the captain was really letting the kids drive.  Hilares.

 Logan driving.

 Captain Lizzy.

The whole crew on the catamaran.

Later we went snorkeling and Lizzy was like a little fish.  Will wanted nothing to do with it since the water was rough, but Lizzy had the time of her life holding Steve's hand and checking out the sea creatures.  This was my favorite day in port.  I'd really love to go back to Grand Cayman and check it out a bit more.

This is just a recap of our first few days.  I'll have to post the rest some other time because Lizzy keeps plaguing my heart out to get her stinking Jeep going.

Peace out,



Steve said...

Wicked awesome trip!

Kara said...

I cannot believe how up close you got to that stingray! Looks like such a fun trip. You guys live it up!

Rani said...

Oh my god, that looks like so much fun! I love the photo/comment about Lizzy being forced to touch the stingray!

loveunderwear said...
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Steve said...

remember when you used to blog about things. olden days.